Chef Charlie Palmer, Chef Dustin Valette and Dry Creek Kitchen invite you to a one-of-a-kind dinner series showcasing the rich culinary and wine heritage of the region.  Widely regarded as the culinary cradle of this country, Sonoma County is home to hundreds of thousands of acres of growing lands ideal for the cultivation of wine and food alike.  It is no wonder that so many of our region’s cherished winemakers also come from a long line of passionate cooks. 

In that spirit, we introduce Winemaker’s Kitchen Table at Dry Creek Kitchen, a monthly community supper hosted by top vintners serving their prized wines and personal family recipes. Join us for our next installment on Friday, April 18, 2014 featuring the renowned Sonoma County wines from Littorai and the personal anecdotes from Heidi Lemon.  

Friday, April 18, 2014
6:00 pm
$105 per person for four course menu (excludes tax / gratuity)
Reserve: 707.431.0330 


First Course
Maine Lobster & Mache “Salad”
brioche and toasted hazelnuts
2012 Charles Heintz Vineyard Chardonnay, Sonoma Coast Appellation

Both Ted and I have long, multi-generational ties to “Down East.”  While lobster needs little to make it sing, we love the mache that we are able to grow all winter long in our biodynamic garden on the Littorai farm.  When nothing else is growing, little, verdant mache pinwheels poke out just above the surface of the ground to provide comfort and cheer. – Heidi

Second Course
Wild Mushroom Risotto
local porcini mushrooms, truffle crème fraiche
2011 Savoy Vineyard Pinot, Anderson Valley Appellation

One of our favorite ingredients for a savory winter night’s meal are wild mushrooms.  They too--like lobster--demand little from us as home chefs, busy with children and chores.  Simply sautéed with wilted bitter greens, they beg for excellent Pinot Noir.  And of course, Northern California is wild fungi heaven.  – Heidi

Third Course
Slow Cooked Pheasant
romanesco, double fried potatoes, violet mustard
2012 The Pivot Vineyard/2012 Platt Vineyard Pinot side by side Sonoma Coast Appellations

My mother has several friends who are avid hunters in the Sacramento River delta or the rice fields around winters in the Central Valley.  At home, when we were growing up oftentimes their catch would end up on our table.  She would wrap her bacon slices so that the fat from the bacon would preserve and enhance the delicacy and sweetness of the bird.  – Heidi

Cheese Course
Mezzo Secco / Vella Cheese Company
Camellia / Redwood Hill Farms
Bermuda Triangle / Cypress Grove Chevre  
2011 The Haven Vineyard Pinot Sonoma Coast Appellation

Ted and I are constantly amazed at the quality of cheeses being grown in Sonoma County.  In twenty five years, we have gone from a few producers of good fromage to several world class artisans.  Our hats are off to their entrepreneurial spirit and dedication.  – Heidi