LA Times

By Jay Jones

June 24, 2013, 7:00 a.m.

Twinkling new uniforms are making it easier to spot Chef Charlie Palmer’s  “wine angels” as they soar along the four-story-tall wine tower at Aureole atMandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

Nearly 10,000 bottles of wine are stored in Aureole’s iconic tower. The “angels” ascend and descend the climate-controlled, stainless-steel column on mechanical hoists.

So naturally, what they wear is important because the angels are unique. The new two-piece outfits are adorned with more than 100 LED bulbs, which means you probably can't miss them. They replace the black jumpsuits the “angels” previously wore as they sailed up and down the tower retrieving bottles of wine.

“We were often given feedback by our guests that they were hard to see in the tower, so we really wanted to make them shine,” Palmer said in a news release. “Now they have a uniform that suits the excitement of their job.”

The winning design is the creation of Las Vegas fashiondesigner Bunker Hill Bradley, who won a competition among local designers. The uniforms feature a progression of colors that symbolize the hues found in various wines. They’re made of recycled materials.

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